Transport Planning

Move IT

The Eureka TMS (Move-IT) is the future of transport planning software. Our versatile system is capable of supporting the most complex transport operations and demanding workloads.  The system allows you to plan, record, monitor, manage and report on every job you book within the Move-IT system.  Our transport planning software system will provide you with greater visibility and efficiency to manage your transport fleet.  Move-IT offers total flexibility and can be tailored to suit each company’s individual needs whether you’re running 1 truck or 500 trucks, containers or tankers, full load or part load.

Install a Transport Planning Software System that will:

ok-16 Increase Driver Trailer Vehicle efficiencies

ok-16 Decrease empty running

ok-16 Reduce needless paperwork

ok-16 Eliminate duplication and mistakes

ok-16 Reduce Your Overheads

ok-16 Streamline Your Business

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December 16, 2015